Best Hand Saw - Buyer's Guide

Finding the best hand saw is no easy task, that's why this article is here to help make the process simpler by going over the top things to consider. Some of the things that determine which hand saw is best for you are your budget and what you will be using the saw for. But these are not the only considerations you must make, you also need to think about which brand of hand saw you want to buy. A good hand saw should be ergonomic to grip, the handle should fit into your hand comfortably so you can use it for hours at a time with ease. The blade should be made from high quality, high carbon steel so it resists rust. The teeth on the blade should consist of induction hardened steel as to keep the teeth sharper for longer. The blade also needs to have some flex in it despite still being reasonably rigid - if it's too firm and inflexible you will find it binds in the wood more frequently. Hand saws are generally considered superior to power saws when it comes to making precision cuts, so without further time wasting let's take a look at the list of best hand saws.

The DEWALT 20 inch hand saw does all the things that you need a good hand saw to do, all while not costing an arm and a leg. It has a special design with extra cutting surfaces designed to cut through wood up to three times faster than a regular saw does. This Hand saw from DEWALT is top of the line, and suitable for carpenters or just general hobbyists. The teeth on this saw are induction hardened so they are good at staying sharp. Not only are they induction hardened but they also have a special design with 3 cutting surfaces. The blade of this hand saw is coated in a special material designed to reduce friction making it easier to cut though wood. Overall this is a good hand saw, and is relatively inexpensive.

The shark 15 inch carpentry hand saw is quite a unique design, but don't let that put you off, this is a great hand saw for wood working. It's based on a japanese design known as the Kataba saw. Most hand saws have a push stroke, where as this hand saw cuts on the pull of the stroke which is meant to increase efficiency and speed. It's also meant to reduce the saw blade getting stuck in the wood when you're cutting through it. The handle of this saw is a pistol grip style, rather than the traditional style, but it is actually quite ergonomic to use. The teeth on this saw are very sharp, and are induction hardened so they will stay that way for a long time. The blade is also made from high carbon content steel which means that this saw won't rust easily. This feature is a must have if you work outdoors in the rain a lot. Overall this is a great hand saw with tons of unique features.

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